Bridge After School Program


2018-19 Sixth Grade Middle School Open Enrollment - Bridge Program


Bridge Middle School Registration Information



Mission Statement:
The Lodi Unified After School - Bridge Program will engage students in year-round expanded learning programs to support student achievement and prepare them for college, career and life.
Bridge Program Goals:

Participating students in the program will experience...

  • Respect for Diversity
  • Trusting Relationships
  • Safe & Supervised Environment
  • Common Core Program Design with Expanded Learning Opportunities
  • Project Based Learning Activites in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
  • Academic Homework Assistance that supports Mastery by a Credential Teacher
  • Enrichment and Recreation Opportunities
  • Student Centered Activities
  • Citizenship and Leadership Building
  • Community Service Learning Opportunities
  • Career Explorations
  • Positive and Fun Learning Environment for all Students

The Bridge program runs daily after school from the moment school ends until 6pm.  It has 3 components:  Academics, Enrichment,  Physical Recreation.  We partner with teachers and community based organizations to offer the best program possible. 

To apply for enrollment in the Bridge After School Program, please complete the Waiting List Placement Request form provided by the Bridge Site Lead at the school your child attends.