This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section provides answers various questions regarding Lodi Unified Schools District, including a section that provides information on commonly used Acronyms.

We strive to provide answers to some of the most common questions regarding Lodi Unified School District.  If you know of a subject or question that we should include in this list, please email us at  webinfo@lodiusd.net

Q: Can I find out more information on the Home Access Center?

A:   Yes, additional information regarding the Parent Internet Viewer can be obtained by
clicking on the following link.  Home Access Center  Information

Q: Does LUSD have a list of commonly used terms or acronyms online?

A:   Yes, by clicking on the following link you can download a document of commonly used terms.
LUSD District Acronyms 


Q: We just moved in the LUSD area, which school will our children attend?

A:   Give us your address and we will look in the LUSD Street Directory or click on Parents and then click on the School Boundaries link.

Q: When should my child enroll for Kindergarten, what do we need to enroll?

A:   Your child should enroll in January the year he/she is five years old before December 2nd.
 You will need your child’s birth certificate, immunizations records and proof of residence
(your utility bill) with your address on it.

Q: Where do I find info about the Gifted Talented Education (GATE) program?

A:   You can find information on the district's web page at  www.lodiusd.net  Click on Departments, scroll down to Educational Services and Pre K-12/Adult School and click on GATE