K-1 Science Links


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Earth Science Activities

Read this story to learn what causes day and night.
Look at the space pictures. Click on what's different.
You can see the planets moving in their orbits on this web page.
Listen to this story about the four seasons.

Life Science Activities

Learn about the basic needs of animals.
Come and visit the farm! Lots of things grow here!
See if you know what to do to make the plant grow!
Choose an animal game.
Find the jungle animals!
Learn about living things.
Learn more about your sense of hearing.

Physical Science Activities

Make new colors by mixing red, yellow, and blue! Then color a picture.
Which things produce light?
What happens when you give a soft push to an object?
Sort the objects into groups.
Click and then drag the animals to the picture. You can change the weather, and listen to a weather song.
Dress the bear to match the weather.

General Science Activities

Check out the free movies in Science!
You can play fun games while learning about insects, plants, weather, matter, and lots more!
Your password is lang. Our state is California. Type in the name of your school. Check the Save Password box. Next pick your grade level for some fun activities.
Click on your grade level for some fun activities at this Houghton Mifflin science web site.