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Word Analysis and Fluency

Click on the letters to make the words you hear. Practice spelling short vowel words.

Click on the letters to make the words you hear. Practice spelling words with diphthongs.
Gather up acts for a three-ring circus by finding matching vowel sounds.
Prefixes hold the key to building the castle and making it light up.
Form a flock of flamingos with suffixes -y and -ly.
Click on contractions as the fly past the screen in an air show.
Here's a memory card game with a twist - match pairs of homonyms.
Click on It's Fun to Read or I'm Reading!
Find the short and long vowel words that match the pictures.
Identify the long vowel sounds in each words.
Put the right ending to make a word.
Practice vowels and consonants, upper and lower case letters, and nouns and verbs in this fun game!
Find the r-controlled words that match the pictures.
Find the r-controlled words that match the pictures.
Join Garfield and his friends in this reading game.
Build and launch a rocket to the moon by identifying synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms.
Listen to and read one of three stories.
Use your knowledge of suffixes to match words to definitions.
Pick out the word that does not go with the others.
Identify the vowel digraph in each word.
Complete the sentences with words containing the oo digraph.
Choose to work on synonyms, antonyms, or homonyms. Feed the frog with your right answers.

General Language Arts Sites

Click on your grade level; then choose a theme.
Try out these language arts games by clicking on your grade level for the game you would like to play.
Click on a game to practice reading and writing skills.
Play spelling and word games!

Reading Comprehension

Take turns with Fern solving the mystery by looking carefully at the clues.
Click on a title to read a fun story!
Choose one of six activities. Drag the word to the sentence where it makes sense.
Complete the sentences with common words.

The Riddle Quest

Read the story, and solve the riddle!
Read the story; then put the pictures in order.


Choose from Hangman, Word Searches, Crosswords, the Match Game, and Quizzes.


Pick the word that comes first in alphabetical order, and Bill will do a magic trick!
Write your own play on the computer!
Find all the different dinosaurs using guide words in the dictionary.
Find the mistakes in the letter to Mr. Henshaw.
After you type in your first name, choose your grade level. Next, choose a story to edit.
Practice looking for mistakes in text.
Choose from lots of postcards—these will help you learn lots of vowel sounds.

Written Oral Language Conventions

You need to know your parts of speech to choose the right alien.
Choose Easy or Hard, and then pick your word search.
Click on Level 2. Drag the letters to spell the word.
Fearless Frieda: Skillful Skateboarding
Pick your screen name; then help Frieda surf as you spell short vowel words.
Pick your screen name; then help Frieda surf as you spell longer words.
Show off your grammar skills and earn points as you play this fun game.
Click on your grade level, and then pick an activity.
Practice spelling common words in this game.
Click your grade level; then pick an activity.
You have to make the verbs agree with the subject of the sentence in order to feed the snake.