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Number Sense

Can you add as fast as a rocket?
Practice carrying when you add the two digit numbers.
Airplane is thinking of a number. Can you guess it?
Learn how to use the and symbols.
Batter up! Practice your multiplication facts, and score runs.
Pick your level, and then count the money.
Click on Easy to get your first addition problem. Earn enough points to open the Mummy's tomb!
Practice making change from a dollar.
Click on Level 1, 2, or 3.
Pick out the coins to make the right amount of money.
Practice counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s.
You need to multiply to help Larry out.
You will need to estimate by rounding to the nearest dollar as you shop.
Can you answer 20 math facts in one minute? Give it a try!
Can you answer 20 math facts in one minute? Give it a try!
You can rid the world of blobs, if you know your subtraction facts!
Multiplication Game Test your wits against the computer!
Practice your times tables on this machine.
Make an equation to fit the number.
This is a fun puzzle in which your goal is to uncover the hidden picture.
Count our the right amount of money to put in the piggy bank to win the game.
Help Professor Duck Von Fly with his golf game. The better you know place value, the more help you can give.
Help Robot Guy build his house while practicing your 4, 5, and 6 times tables.
Help Duck Von Fly get to his destination by clicking the cloud with the right answer.
Do you like video games? Then you'll like this one! Practice your math facts while playing this game. It is divided into addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with each section being multi-level.
Practice your times tables using the Table Trees.
Do you need to get faster at your Times Tables? Try out this site!

Algebra Functions

Solve for x in this fun game!
Help Larry get his wish by comparing numbers using , , and =.
See if you can find the right number of blocks to trade.

Measurement Geometry

Try to stay up as late as possible by shining your flashlight on the correct times.
Set the clock! Choose from level 1, 2, or 3.
How good are you at estimating the size of different objects? Play this game to find out!
Test your memory and your clock skills. Keep the airplanes flying on time.
Choose one of the many activities at the Library of Virtual Manipulatives.
Practice using a calendar.
Click on centimeters or inches, and practice using a ruler.
Choose one of many activities at the Library of Virtual Manipulatives.
Learn about quadrilaterals at this site.
Learn to read a ruler.
Click on one of the three activities.
Learn about the faces of many different solid figures.

Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability

Bugs are everywhere! Grab them, and turn them into a bar graph!
To open the safe, you have to solve the pattern puzzle!
Make a graph!
Make flowers grow by completing patterns with shapes.
Copy the pattern with the shapes. Try Level 2.
This page has lots of fun jigsaw puzzles!

Mathematical Reasoning

You will use repeated addition as a strategy to solve multiplication story problems.
How much money do you need to buy food on the farm?
Click on the Addition and Subtraction button under the heading Select a Story (select Maybe Later on the registration screen)
Drag the numbers to the right place so that the sum makes sense!

General Math Sites

Practice your math facts while playing games.
Practice all kinds of math skills here.
Choose one of 15 games. Practice counting, patterns, addition, subtraction, sorting, telling time, and more.
Play math games by grade level.
Try out Multiplication Tables, Everyday Math Hangman, Counting Change, and more! , and more!
Check out all the number activities at this great web site!