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Earth Science

See if you can aim the hurricane by moving the high and low fronts.
Learn about recycling while playing this game.
Rocks & Minerals
Class Zone Click on Investigations, and then scroll down to the Rocks section.
Earth Science Picture of the Day A treasure trove of images relating to rocks and minerals are found here. Click on the Mineral Picture Gallery on the right side of the page.
How Stuff Works This is the Mineral page for this site. 
Identifying Minerals While this site has very few pictures, it does share a lot of information about minerals.
Mr. Science Guy Learn about rocks and minerals on this site. You'll also find worksheets and teaching materials.
Rocks & Minerals Videos

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Igneous Rocks
 (on Teacher Computer only)
Rock Cycle Song

Sedimentary Rocks 
(on Teacher Computer only)
Types of Rocks and the Rock Cycle (on Teacher Computer only)

USGS: Describing Rock Properties How can you tell they type of rock you are seeing? This web page will teach you how to do this.
USGS: Rocks & Minerals This is a great web site for learning more about rocks and minerals!
USGS: Sedimentary Rocks You will find a clear description of how Sedimentary Rocks are formed on this web page.
Space and the Solar System
Help the comet to get to the sun by answering questions about the solar system.
Take a virtual tour of our solar system! Scroll down to Contents. Start by clicking on Solar System Overview.
You get to design a space station in this game!

Life Science

Can you build a fish that will survive and thrive? Try it!
Scroll down and click on the Login or Sign Up Now button. You don't need to log in; just pick a game! The games help you learn about the human body, adaptation, diversity, and human learning.
Can you name the bones in the human body? Try with this game.
You can learn lots about animals at this site!
Learn about nutrition while playing a game!
Learn interesting facts about zoo animals here!
Find out all about the human body with Wendell the Worm, Yucky's Ace Reporter.

Physical Science

Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed!

General Science Sites

Do experiments with acids and bases at the Alien Juice Bar.
Check out the free movies in Science!
This Periodic Table lets you click on an element to learn more about it.
Learn about Plant Parts, Air Junk, Critters, and more!
You can play fun games while learning about bones, sound, magnets, landforms, food nutrition, and lots more!
Try out these science games by clicking on your grade level for the game you would like to play.
Your password is lang. Our state is California. Type in the name of your school. Check the Save Password box. Next pick your grade level for some fun activities.
There are lots of cool science activities on this web page. Click the yellow arrow to scroll by all the choices.
This web site, made by the American Museum of Natural History, helps you learn about archaeology, astronomy, biodiversity, genetics, marine biology, paleontology, and physical science.
Reeko shares lots of interesting facts with you on his web site!
Click on the picture to learn interesting facts!
Wow! This site has links to tons of fun science activities! You can learn about animals, space, weather, plants, physics, biology, and anatomy.
Play games while learning about Living Things, Matter, and Physical Processes.
Click on your grade level for some fun activities at this Houghton Mifflin science web site.
This web site has lots of links. Click one to learn more about a science topic or play a game.
Put a check mark by your grade level. Then scroll down to the bottom and click I'm ready! Let's start!