7-12 Media Toolbox

This site links to image search sites for Art, Astronomy/Space, Animals, and History/Society.
This is similar to Microsoft Clipart without the conversion processing.
This site is a multimedia resource.
This is an excellent site for pictures by topic, very user friendly.
This is a terrific clipart site by subject area.
This site is for adding to your Microsoft Clipart Library.
This animation site offers 150,000 free animations.
This site has a wonderful library of photos by topic.
This site allows search by term + .jpg and term + .gif.
This site is a very general image site.  Source citations can prove challenging.
Includes 2,000+ 3D Animations
This is a Library of Congress site that allows searches of multiple global digital collections.
This is a library of Congress site that allows searches of American primary source artifacts.
This is a Library of Congress image search site.

Copyright and Citations

For questions about copyright and image source citation, here are some excellent sources.

From October 2002 Technology Learning Magazine
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