Facilities and Planning / Maintenance & Operations


We are one TEAM—Committed to quality facilities and an attractive school environment for the success of our students.


Our Mission


"Provide a Safe, Pleasant, Well Maintained and Attractive School Environment

that is Conducive to Learning for Students and Staff"


Facilities and Planning

The Facilities and Planning Department identifies the need and locations for new schools, plans and constructs new schools, and facilities as approved by the Board of Education including modernization and renovation of existing facilities. The department is also responsible for school attendance boundaries, facility use, and asset management.


Maintenance and Operations

The Maintenance and Operations department strives to maintain the district's schools and buildings at the best standard. The department is responsible for landscape and general maintenance of district property that includes painting and conducting repairs related to electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and building safety systems.



WE are working together as a TEAM committed to:


  • Providing Prompt Quality Service
  • Serving with Excellence, Pride and Competence
  • Working cohesively with all schools, departments and the community
  • Enhancing the learning experience and promoting student achievement