Technology Services

Technology Services has been a department in Lodi Unified School District since 1995.  It began with 2 staff members and has grown to 40.  Our role is to provide district-wide technology solutions, desktop support and training, network and phone support services. 

District technology solutions are software systems that are essential to the operation of the district and school sites.  They include two major systems, the student information system (eSchoolPlus) and the financial system (QSS), which are critical components in conducting district business.  Other systems that our department provides district wide support are Internet access, E-mail, and Web Content Management.

Our district has approximately 10,000 network drops, 2500 phone lines, 2800+ Internet and E-mail accounts, 2000 eSchoolPlus and Qss user accounts, 270+ servers, and 40+ 10mbps - 1gbps WAN connections.  We are one of the largest, if not the largest networks in San Joaquin County.  We subscribe to the philosophy of centralized processing and thin computing.  Citrix Metaframe is used to accomplish this along with the use of thin clients.  We are able to deploy a productivity suite of software we call the "common desktop" to all administrators using this technology.

The Technology Services staff is dedicated to finding technological tools to improve district staff's efficiencies.  We are proud to be here supporting the people who teach the children of Lodi Unified School District.