Speech-Language Services

Speech and Language services are provided by Speech/Language Pathologists (SLP’s) who have extensive training in the assessment and treatment of speech/language disorders. Articulation, voice, fluency, and language therapy is provided for students (ages 3-22) who are classified as eligible for Special Education and Related Services. A variety of models are employed to deliver speech and language services. Services include pullout into the speech room, integration of therapist in the classroom with the student, consultation with student's various teachers, and monitoring of the student in many settings outside the therapy room.


Region 1

Speech Therapist:
Donna Abrao
Megan Celestine
Lianne Dominguez
Nancy Harlow
Chrisy Hunter
Laurie Kraljev
Megan Long
Debra Nishizaki
Jenny Penner
Cyndi Ussery

SLPA:  Kimberly Ely

Region 2

Speech Therapist:
Shirin Behin
Karen Edwards
Janet Goble
Amy Lagomarsino
Yesenia Lamas
Natalie Lorbecki
Teala Price
Raissa Stephenson
Cathy White
Jeanne Witcombe

SLPA:  Touch Hong

Region 3

Speech Therapist:
Michelle Brassesco
Janis Christy
Shelly Donald
Amy Franz
Roxanne Gilley
Ellen Petree
Christie Rosa
Joni Semer
Angela Stroh
Anne Marie Synder
Jacquie Tyrell

SLPA:  Laura Johnson

Region 4

Speech Therapist:
Mary Pat Armknecht
Dianne Bachtell
Lynette Dickey
Liz Englebrick
Susie Faith
Tiffany Friesen
Kim Giorgi
Rachel Green
Sherri Petitt
Colleen Selling

SLPA:  Penny Mariana