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VRA will provide students with the opportunity to leave high school with diplomas, CTE pathways and shadow/internship/externship experiences under their belts. Our goal is to align students on a path to earn some combination of industry certificate and Associate's degree in subjects such as Automation or Mechatronics. Including the option to transfer to a four-year university to finish out a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Automation, or Mechatronics Engineering.

Valley Robotics Academy will emphasize STEM and career and technical education opportunities, with an infusion of robotics, drones and automation integrated into the curriculum and instruction.

Its inaugural year would accommodate 60 seventh and eighth-grade students, and 32 ninth-grade students. In every subsequent year, VRA will add a higher grade and eventually double enrollment for each. By the 2022-23 school year, VRA will have 60 students in seventh grade, 60 in eighth grade, 32 in ninth grade, 30 in 10th grade, 28 in 11th grade and 28 in 12th grade for a total of 238 students.

Valley Robotics Academy is scheduled to open at the start of the 2019-2020 School Year - July 30, 2019

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