Board Policies

Series 0000 - Philosophy-Goals-Objectives

0410 Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities Policy    
0420 School Plans/Site Councils Policy Rule  
0420.4  Charter Schools Policy Rule  
0440 Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans Policy Rule Exhibit
0460 Local Control and Accountability Plan Policy Rule  
0500 Accountability Policy    
0520.5 Title I Program Improvement Districts Policy Rule

Series 1000 - Community Relations

1000 Concepts Roles in Community Relations Policy    
1001 Philosophy Statement Policy    
1100 Communication with the Public Policy    
1112 Media Relations Policy    
1130.1 School Accountability Report Cards Policy Rule   
1150 Commendations and Awards Policy    
1220 Citizen Advisory Committees Policy  Rule  
1230 School-Connected Organizations Policy Rule   
1240 Volunteer Assistant Policy Rule  
1250 Visitors/Outsiders Policy Rule  
1312.1 Complaint Concerning District Employees Policy Rule Exhibit
1312.2 Complaints Concerning Instructional Resources Policy Rule  Exhibit
1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures Policy  Rule Exhibit 
1312.4 Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures   Rule Exhibit 1
1312.4 Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures     Exhibit 2
1315 Tobacco Free School District Policy  Rule   
1321 Solicitation of Funds From and By Students Policy    
1325 Advertising and Promotion Policy  Rule  
1330 Use of School Facilities Policy Rule  
1330.2 Joint Use Agreement Policy    
1340 Access to District Records Policy Rule Exhibit
1350 Educational Research Conducted in the District Policy Rule Exhibit
1400 Relations Between Other Governmental Agencies and the Schools Policy     
1431 Waviers Policy    
1700 Relations Between Private Industry and the Schools Policy    

Series 2000 - Administration

2000     Concepts Roles in Administration Policy
2110 Superintendent of Schools Responsibilities and Duties       Policy
2120 Superintendent’s of Schools Policy
2121 Superintendent’s Contract Policy 
2140 Evaluation of Superintendent Policy
2210 Administrative Discretion Regarding Board Policy Policy  
2220 Administrative Staff Organization Policy
2230 Representative and Deliberative Groups Policy
2431 Management Group Relations Team Policy

Series 3000 - Business and Non-Instructional Operations

3000 Concepts and Roles Policy    
3100 District Budget Policy Rule  
3110 Transfer of Funds Policy    
3190 Program Budgeting Policy    
3230 Federal Grant Funds Policy Rule  
3250 Transportation Fees Policy Rule  
3260 Fees and Charges Policy Rule  
3270 Sales and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies Policy Rule  
3280 Sale, Lease, Rental of District-Owned Real Property Policy Rule  
3290 Gifts, Grants and Bequests Policy    
3300 Expenditures/Expending Authority Policy    
3310 Purchasing Policy Rule  
3311 Bids Policy Rule  
3312 Contracts Policy Rule  
3314 Payment for Goods and Services Policy Rule  
3315 Relation with Vendors Policy    
3316 Purchase of Equipment by Student Organizations Policy    
3320 Claims and Actions Against the District Policy Rule Exhibit
3323.1 Contracts for Personal Consulting Services Policy    
3325 Conferences, Meals, Travel Policy Rule  
3330 Use of District Funds for Payment of Meals and/or Reimbursements at District Functions Policy Rule  
3400 Management of District Assets/Accounts Policy    
3430 Investing Policy    
3440 Inventories   Rule  
3452 Student Activity Funds Policy    
3460 Financial Reports and Accountability Policy Rule  
3470 Debt Issuance and Management Policy  
3470.1  Fraud Policy    
3513.3 Tobacco-Free Schools Policy Rule  
3514 Environmental Safety Policy Rule
3514.1 Hazardous Substances Policy Rule  
3514.2 Integrated Pest Management   Rule  
3515.2 Disruptions Policy Rule  
3515.4 Recovery for District Property Loss or Damage Policy Rule  
3515.5 Sex Offender Information Policy Rule  
3516 Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan Policy Rule  
3516.1 Fire Drills and Fire Policy Rule  
3516.3 Earthquake Emergency Procedure System   Rule  
3516.5 Emergency Schedules Policy    
3530 Risk Management/Insurance Policy Rule  
3541 Student Transportation Policy    
3541.1 Other Uses of Buses and Equipment Policy    
3541.2 Transportation of Student and Disabilities Policy Rule  
3541.3 Operation of Buses and Equipment Policy    
3541.4 Acquisition and Maintenance of Buses, Vehicles and Equipment Policy    
3541.6 Transportation of Pupils for Other Than Home-to-School Policy Rule Exhibit (a)
        Exhibit (b)
        Exhibit (c)
3542 School Bus Drivers   Rule  
3543 Transportation Safety and Emergencies   Rule  
3543.1 Inclement Weather and Adverse Driving Conditions Policy Rule  
3544 Equipment Assigned to Schools Policy    
3550 Food Service/Child Nutrition Program Policy Rule  
3551 Food Service Operations/Cafeteria Fund Policy Rule  
3553 Free and Reduced Priced Meals


3554 Other Food Sales Policy Rule  
3555 Nutrition Program Compliance Policy Rule Exhibit
3560 Warehousing Policy Rule  
3561 Lending School Property Policy    
3562 District Records Policy Rule  
3570 Consultants Policy    
3580 District Records Policy  

Series 4000 - Personnel

4000 Concepts and Roles In Personnel Policy    
4015 Illness and Injury Prevention Program Policy    
4015.2 Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens Policy Rule Exhibit
4020 Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy    
4020.1 Tobacco Free School District Policy Rule  
4030 Nondiscrimination in Employment Policy Rule  
4031 Employment Procedures Policy  


4040 Employee Use of Technology Policy   Exhibit

4100 Certificated Personnel Policy    
4111 Recruitment and Selection Policy Rule  
4111.2 Legal Status Requirement Policy Rule  
4112.1 Contracts Policy    
4112.2 Certification Policy    
4112.21 English Learner Authorization Requirement Policy Rule   
4112.23  Special Education Staff Policy Rule  
4112.3 Oath or Affirmation Policy    
4112.4 Health Examinations   Rule  
4112.42 Drug & Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers Policy    
4112.6 Personnel Records Policy    
4113 Assignment Policy  
4113.4 Temporary Modified/Light-Duty Assignment Policy  
4115 Evaluation/Supervision Policy Rule  
4116 Probationary/Permanent Status Policy    
4117.2 Resignation Policy    
4117.7 Employment Status Reports   Rule  
4119.11 Sexual Harassment Policy Rule  
4119.21 Professional Standards Policy    
4126 Consultants Policy    
4127 Temporary Athletic Team Coaches Policy Rule  
4131.6 Professional Growth Policy Rule  
4136 Non-School Employment Policy    
4140 Bargaining Policy     
4141 Collective Bargaining Agreement Policy    
4143 Negotiations/Consultation Policy    
4143.1 Public Notice – Personnel Negotiations Policy Rule  
4146 Awards and Recognition Policy Rule  
4153 Catastrophic Leave Program Policy Rule  
4154.1 Health and Welfare Benefits Policy    
4161.8 Family Care and Medical Leave Policy Rule  

4200 Classified Personnel Policy Rule  
4211 Recruitment and Selection See 4111 See 4111 See 4111
4211.2 Legal Status Requirement See 4111.2 See 4111.2 See 4111.2
4212 Appointment and Conditions of Employment Policy    
4212.2 Criminal Record Security Policy Rule  
4212.3 Oath or Affirmation See 4112.3 See 4112.3 See 4112.3
4212.4 Health Examinations See 4112.4 See 4112.4  See 4112.4 
4214 Physical Examination – Pre-Employment Policy    
4217.2 Resignation See 4117.2 See 4117.2 See 4117.2
4219.11 Sexual Harassment See 4119.11 See 4119.11  See 4119.11 
4220 Drug & Alcohol Testing for School Bus
Drivers/Commercial Vehicle Drivers    
Policy Rule  
4222 Instructional Assistants/Paraprofessionals   Rule  
4231 Staff Development Policy    
4239 Awards & Recognition Policy Rule  
4240 Bargaining Units See 4140 See 4140 See 4140
4241 Collective Bargaining Agreements See 4141 See 4141 See 4141
4241.6 Concerted Action/Work Stoppage Policy Rule  
4242.6 Catastrophic Leave Program Policy Rule  
4243 Negotiations/Consultation See 4143 See 4143 See 4143
4243.1 Public Notice – Personnel Negotiations See 4143.1 See 4143.1 See 4143.1
4254.1 Health & Welfare Benefits See 4154.1 See 4154.1 See 4154.1
4260 Emergency Policies Relation to Work Stoppage See 4160 See 4160 See 4160
4261.8 Family Care and Medical Leave See 4161.8 See 4161.8 See 4161.8

4300 Management Supervisory and Confidential Personnel Policy Rule  
4311.2 Legal Status Requirement See 4111.2 See 4111.2 See 4111.2
4312.3 Oath or Affirmation See 4112.3 See 4112.3 See 4112.3
4312.4 Health Examinations See 4112.4 See 4112.4 See 4112.4
4315.1 Administrator Competence in Evaluation Policy    
4317.2 Resignation See 4117.2 See 4117.2 See 4117.2
4317.4 Discipline of Permanent Employees Policy Rule  
4317.4 Resignation See 4117.2 See 4117.2 See 4117.2
4319.11 Sexual Harassment See 4119.11 See 4119.11 See 4119.11
4354.1 Health & Welfare Benefits  See 4154.1 See 4154.1 See 4154.1
4355 Compensation & Related Benefits Policy Rule  
4361 Leaves Policy    
4361.8 Family Care and Medical Leave Policy    
9270 Conflict of Interest Code See Bylaw See Bylaw See Bylaw

Series 5000 - Students

5000 Concepts and Roles in Student Personnel Policy  
5020 Parent Rights and Responsibilities Policy  Rule
5021 Noncustodial Parent Policy    
5022 Student and Family Privacy Rights Policy  Rule  
5030 Student Wellness Policy on Physical Activity and Nutrition Policy    
5111 Admission Policy Rule  
5111.1 District Residency Policy Rule  
5111.12 Employment Application for Admission Into District Schools Policy    
5111.13 Residency for Homeless Children Policy Rule  
5112.1 Exemptions from Attendance Policy Rule  
5112.2 Exclusions from Attendance Policy Rule  
5112.3 Student Leave of Absence Policy Rule  
5112.5 Closed Campus Policy Rule  
5113 Absences and Excuses Policy Rule  
5113.1 Work Permits Policy Rule  
5116 School Attendance Areas Policy Rule   
5116.1 Intradistrict Open Enrollment Policy Rule  
5116.2 Involuntary Student Transfer Policy  
5117 Interdistrict Attendance Policy Rule  
5118 Open Enrollment Act Transfers Policy Rule  
5121 Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement – Grades K-12 Policy Rule  
5123 Promotion/Acceleration/Retention Policy Rule  
5124 Communication with Parents/Guardians Policy Rule  
5125 Student Records Policy Rule  
5125.1 Release of Directory Information Policy Rule  
5125.2 Withholding Grades, Diploma or Transcripts Policy    
5125.3 Challenging Student Records   Rule
5126 Awards for Achievement Policy Rule  
5127 Graduation Ceremonies and Activities Policy     
5131 Conduct Policy    
5131.1 Bus Conduct Policy Rule   
5131.2 Video Camera Survellance Policy Rule  
5131.3 Bullying Policy  
5131.5 Vandalism, Theft and Graffiti Policy   Rule  
5131.6 Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy Rule  
5131.62 Tobacco Policy Rule  
5131.63 Anabolic Steroids Policy Rule  
5131.7 Weapons and Dangerous Objects Policy Rule  
5131.9 Academic Honesty Policy Rule  
5132 Dress and  Grooming Policy Rule Exhibit
5135 Management of Funds Policy Rule  
5135.1 Organization/Management of Funds Policy    
5136 Gangs and Gang Symbols Policy Rule  
5137 Positive School Climate Policy    
5137.1 Prohibition of Hate-Motivated Behavior Policy    
5141 Health Care and Emergencies Policy Rule  
5141.1 Accidents Policy Rule  
5141.21 Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions Policy Rule  
5141.22 Infectious Diseases Policy Rule  
5141.23 Infectious Disease Prevention Policy Rule  
5141.24 Specialized Health Care Services   Rule  
5141.25 Asthma Policy Rule   
5141.27 Food Allergies/Special Dietary Needs Policy Rule
5141.3 Health Examinations Policy Rule  
5141.31 Immunizations Policy Rule  
5141.32 Health Screening for School Entry Policy Rule  
5141.33 Head Lice (Pediculosis) Policy    
5141.4 Child Abuse Reporting Procedures Policy Rule  
5141.52 Suicide Prevention Policy Rule  
5141.53 Crisis Intervention Policy Rule  
5141.6 School-Based Health and Social Services Policy  Rule  
5142 Safety Policy Rule  
5142.2 Crossing Guards Policy Rule  
5142.7 Access to District Campuses Policy Rule  
5143 Insurance Policy    
5144 Discipline Policy  Rule  
5144.1 Suspension/Expulsion/Due Process Policy  Rule   
5144.2 Suspension & Expulsion/Due Process for Students with Disabilities   Rule   
5145.1 Privacy Policy    
5145.11 Questioning & Apprehension by Law Enforcement Policy     
5145.12 Search & Seizure Policy Rule  
5145.2 Freedom of Speech/Expression Policy Rule  
5145.3 Nondiscrimination/Harassment Policy  Rule  
5145.4 Grievance Procedure Policy Rule  
5145.6 Parental Notification Policy   Exhibit
5145.7 Sexual Harassment Policy   Rule  
5145.9 Hate-Motivated Behavior Policy    
5146 Married/Expectant/Parenting Students Policy    
5147 Dropout Prevention Policy   Exhibit
5148.2 After School Programs Policy Rule  
5148.3 Preschool/Early Childhood Education Policy Rule

Series 6000 - Instruction

6000 Concepts and Rules Policy    
6000.1 Philosophy Statement Policy    
6010 Goals and Objectives Policy    
6011 Academic Standards Policy    
6020 Parent Involvement Policy Rule  
6111 School Calendar Policy    
6112 School Day Policy Rule  
6114.2 Bomb Threats Policy Rule   
6114.3 Earthquake Emergency Procedure System Policy Rule  
6114.6 Safe Bus Riding Practices Policy    
6115 Ceremonies and Observances Policy Rule  
6116 Classroom Interruptions Policy Rule  
6118 Weather-Related Schedules Policy    
6120 School-Based Coordinated Programs Policy    
6141 Curriculum Development and Evaluation Policy Rule  
6141.2 Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs Policy Rule  
6141.6 Multicultural Education Policy    
6142 Curriculum Council Policy  Rule   
6142.1 Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction Policy Rule  
6142.2 World Language Instruction Policy Rule  
6142.6 Visual and Performing Arts Education Policy    
6142.7 Physical Education and Activity Policy   Rule  
6142.8 Comprehensive Health Education Policy Rule  
6142.81 Substance Abuse Prevention Policy Rule  
6142.9 Academic Core Overview Policy     
6142.91 Reading/Language Arts Intervention Policy     
6142.92 Mathematics Instruction Policy    
6142.93 Science Instruction Policy    
6142.94 History/Social Science Policy    
6143 Courses of Study Policy Rule  
6144 Controversial Issues Policy Rule  
6144.1 Challenged Material Policy  Rule Exhibit
6145 Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities
Grades 7-12
Policy    Rule Exhibit (a) 
        Exhibit (b)
6145.2 Interscholastic Competition Policy Rule Exhibit
6145.3 Student Publications Policy Rule  
6145.5 Student Organizations and Equal Access Policy Rule  
6145.6 International Exchange Students (Secondary) Policy Rule  
6146.1 High School Graduation Requirements/Standards of Proficiency Policy      
6146.11 Alternative Credits Toward Graduation Policy Rule  
6146.2 Certificate of Proficiency Policy Rule  
6146.3 Reciprocity on Standards of Proficiency/Graduation Requirements Policy    
6146.4 Differential Graduation and Competency Standards and Certificates
of Educational Achievement for Individuals with Exceptional Needs     
6146.5 Elementary School Promotion Requirements/Standards of
Policy Rule  
6151 Class Size Policy    
6152 Class Assignment Policy    
6153 School-Sponsored Trips Policy Rule Exhibit
6153.1 Out-of-State and Foreign Countries Policy Rule  
6154 Homework and Make-Up Work Policy Rule  
6155 Class Examinations/Challenging Courses by Examinations Policy Rule  
6158 Alternative Education Programs – Independent Study K-12 Policy Rule  
6159 Individual Education Program Policy Rule  
6159.1 Procedural Safeguards and Complaints Policy Rule  
6159.2 Nonpublic Nonsectarian School and Agency Services
for Special Education Students
6159.3 Appointment of Surrogate Parent for Special Education Student Policy Rule  
6159.4 Behavioral Interventions for Special Education Students Policy Rule  
6159.5 Least Restrictive Environment Policy    
6159.6 Placement of Transfer Students with Exceptional Needs Policy    
6159.7 Transportation of Students with Exceptional Needs Policy    
6159.8 Termination of Placement in Special Education Programs Policy     
6159.9 Provision of Special Education Services to Students Voluntarily Enrolled in Charter Schools Policy Rule  
6161 Equipment, Books and Materials Policy    
6161.1 Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials Policy Rule  
6161.11 Textbooks and Supplementary Instructional Materials Policy    
6161.2 Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials Policy    
6161.3 Toxic Art Supplies Policy    
6161.4 Classroom Equipment and Supplements Policy Rule  
6162.2 Curriculum Consultants Policy    
6162.31 Student Aids Policy    
6162.5 Student Assessment Policy Rule  
6162.51 State Academic Achievement Tests Policy Rule  
6162.54 Test Integrity/Test Preparation Policy    
6162.6 Use of Copyrighted Material Policy Rule
6163.1 Library Media Center Policy    
6163.2 Animals at School Policy Rule  
6163.4 Student Use of Technology  Policy   Exhibit
6163.4 Student Use of Technology (Spanish)     Exhibit
6164 Individual and Remedial Services Policy Rule  
6164.2 Guidance/Counseling Services Policy    
6164.3 Comprehensive Local Plan for Special Education Policy    
6164.4 Identification and Evaluation of Individuals for Special Education Policy Rule  
6164.41 Children with Disabilities Enrolled by Their Parents in Private School Policy Rule  
6164.5 Student Study Teams Policy Rule  
6164.6 Identification and Education Under Section 504 Policy


6170.1 Transitional Kindergarten Policy    
6171 Title I Programs Policy Rule  
6172 Gifted and Talented Student Program Policy    
6173 Education for Homeless Children Policy Rule  
6173.1 Education for Foster Youth Policy Rule   
6173.2 Education for Children of Military Families Policy Rule  
6174 Education for English Language Learners Policy Rule  
6175 Migrant Education Program Policy Rule  
6177 Summer School Policy Rule  
6178 Career Technical Education Policy Rule  
6178.1 Work Experience Education Policy    
6178.2 Regional Occupational Center/Program Policy    
6179 Supplemental Instruction Policy    
6180 Child Care and Development Programs Policy    
6181 Alternative Schools/Programs of Choice Policy Rule  
6182 Opportunity School/Class/Program Policy Rule  
6183 Home and Hospital Instructional Policy Rule  
6184 Continuation Education Policy Rule  
6185 Community Day School Policy Rule  
6190 Evaluation of the Instructional Program Policy    
6191 Criteria for the Annual Evaluation of Consolidated Programs                                                   Policy Rule  
6200 Adult Education Policy  
6201 Camp Experience in Outdoor Education Policy

Series 7000 - New Construction

7000 Concepts and Rules – Facilities Policy  
7110 Planning – Facilities Master Plan Policy  
7140 Construction Policy Rule
7150 Facilities Site Selection Policy  
7160 Cellular Towers Policy  
7170 Charter School Facilities Policy Rule
7180 Energy Conservation Policy Rule
7214 General Obligation Bonds Policy Rule
7310 Naming of Facilities Policy

Series 9000 - Bylaws of the Board

9000              Role of the Board (Powers and Responsibilities)   Bylaw  
9005 Governance Standards   Bylaw  
9010 Public Statements   Bylaw  
9011 Disclosure of Confidential/Privileged Information   Bylaw  
9012  Board Member Electronic Communication    Bylaw  
9110 Terms of Office/Trustee Areas   Bylaw  
9110.1 Tie Votes in Board Member Elections   Bylaw  
9112 Recall of Members   Bylaw  
9121 President   Bylaw  
9122 Secretary   Bylaw  
9123 Clerk   Bylaw  
9125 Removal from Office   Bylaw  
9129 Student Representatives   Bylaw  
9130 Board Committees   Bylaw  
9140 Board Representatives   Bylaw   
9200 Limits of Board Member Authority   Bylaw   
9223 Filling Vacancies   Bylaw  
9230 Orientation   Bylaw   
9240 Board Development   Bylaw  
9250 Remuneration, Reimbursement, and Other Benefits   Bylaw  
9260 Legal Protection – Liability Insurance   Bylaw  
9261 Code of Ethics   Bylaw  
9270 Conflict of Interest Code   Bylaw  
9311 Board Policies   Bylaw  
9320 Meetings   Bylaw   


Closed Session Purposes and Agenda   Bylaw  
9321.1 Closed Session Actions and Reports   Bylaw  
9322 Agenda/Meeting Materials   Bylaw  
9323 Meeting Conduct/Procedures   Bylaw  
9323.1 Parliamentary Rules of Order   Bylaw  
9323.2 Actions by the Board   Bylaw Exhibit
9324 Minutes and Recordings   Bylaw  
9340 Memberships in Associations   Bylaw  

Uniform Complaint Procedures

1312.1 Complaints Concerning District Employees Policy Rule Exhibit
1312.2 Complaints Concerning Instructional Resources Policy Rule  Exhibit
1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures Policy  Rule Exhibit 
1312.4 Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures   Rule Exhibit 1
1312.4 Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures     Exhibit 2
  Annual Notification of Uniform complaint Procedures English Spanish