Media Relations

Media Guidelines

Lodi USD recognizes the important role the media plays in reporting news and information about its educational programs, services, students, and employees. Lodi USD will provide information about in an accurate and timely manner.

Media Requests

Media who want to record (video or otherwise), photograph or interview staff members and students are asked to make a request through the District’s Public Information Officer at (209) 331-8043.

Visiting Our Schools

Anytime a member of the media is on District property, the Public Information Officer or designee will serve as an escort to minimize disruption at the school and to assist with additional requests.

If you would like to visit a school, please contact Chelsea Vongehr, Public Information Officer, via email or by telephone at 209-331-8043. We will work with your schedule, as well as that of the students and staff in order to ensure that your visit is a successful one. Please keep in mind that our schools participate in early dismissal days, standardized testing, and school-wide events that may prohibit your visit on a specific day.

Photographing or Interviewing Students

We are glad to help you find the correct resource for your story and arrange an interview time. Lodi USD operates in compliance with all applicable State laws, California Education Code, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Updated 08/12/2020