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Mr. Uve Dahmen, Coordinator




The Office of Assessment, Research and Evaluation is a support organization. We serve as a resource for assessment development, proper administration procedures, data collection, reporting, and analysis to inform instruction with the ultimate goal of increasing student achievement. We promote an assessment and data use culture that is collegial and professional, in which data is viewed in a positive light as the springboard for continuous improvement.


  • To coordinate and manage required State and District assessments and assessment data.
  • To provide comprehensive reports, data access, and processes that support users as they plan, monitor, and evaluate student performance.
  • To create an understanding regarding District, State, and Federal accountability requirements.
  • To model and teach best practices in data quality, analysis, reporting, and data inquiry.
  • To support the creation and evaluation of  District and school goals and initiatives in service to educational programs and practice. We live to serve!

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Updated 03/28/2022