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Federal and state categorical programs are mandated to serve special needs of students that are not covered by the general fund regular education programs.  Each categorical program has unique program intent, regulations, rules and exemplary practices.

7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Lisa Kotowski
Assistant Superintendent

Rafael Ceja, Program Coordinator

Jose Maciel, Program Coordinator

Nadine Gallegos, Administrative Secretary

Sandra Antle, Administrative Secretary

Cecilia Martinez, Categorical Programs Assistant

Matthew Ray, Project Facilitator

Sharon Bedwell, Typist Clerk

Amberly Kidder, Account Technician


Title I Sites

Bridge After School Program

Bridge Department Staff Photo

Bridge Program Administration

Jose Maciel, Categorical Programs Manager
(209) 331-8903

Supervisor:  Sara Vargas
(209) 331-8921

Supervisor:  Michaiah Stricklen
(209) 331-8902

 Administrative Secretary: Sandra Antle
(209) 331-8903

Account Technician: Debby Myatt
(209) 331-8904


Bridge Elementary Sites - Grades K-6

 Ansel Adams School      209-663-6686
Beckman School 209-663-6953
Borchardt School 209-663-6946
Clairmont School 209-663-6873
Creekside School 209-663-6938
Davis School  209-953-8310
Heritage School 209-663-6945
Joe Serna Charter School 209-625-5832
Lawrence School 209-663-6957
Live Oak School 209-663-6914
Mosher School 209-663-6895
Needham School 209-663-6859
Nichols School 209-663-6337
Oakwood School 209-663-6923
Parklane School 209-663-6941
Sutherland School 209-663-0292
Victor School 209-810-4133
Wagner Holt School 209-663-6844
Washington School 209-663-6855
Westwood School 209-663-5564
Woodbridge School 209-663-6924


Middle School Sites - Grades 7-8

Christa McAuliffe School 209-663-6853
Delta Sierra School 209-663-6784
Houston School 209-663-6893
Lodi Middle School 209-663-6909
Millswood Middle School 209-663-6954
Morada Middle School 209-663-6958


Mission Statement:
The Lodi Unified After School - Bridge Program will engage students in year-round expanded learning programs to support student achievement and prepare them for college, career and life.

Bridge Program Goals:

Participating students in the program will experience...

Respect for Diversity
Trusting Relationships
Safe & Supervised Environment
Common Core Program Design with Expanded Learning Opportunities
Project Based Learning Activites in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
Academic Homework Assistance that supports Mastery by a Credential Teacher
Enrichment and Recreation Opportunities
Student Centered Activities
Citizenship and Leadership Building
Community Service Learning Opportunities
Career Explorations
Positive and Fun Learning Environment for all Students
The Bridge program runs daily after school from the moment school ends until 6pm.  It has 3 components:  Academics, Enrichment,  Physical Recreation.  We partner with teachers and community based organizations to offer the best program possible. 

To apply for enrollment in the Bridge After School Program, please complete the Waiting List Placement Request form provided by the Bridge Site Lead at the school your child attends. 

Migrant Education

Mission:  Migrant Education Region 23 through its dedicated and committed staff, will provide supplemental services that encourage educational opportunities leading to empowerment and success in the lives of migrant students and their families.

Manuel Nunez, Director
San Joaquin County Office of Education
Wentworth Education Center
(209) 468-9291

San Joaquin County Dept of Education Migrant Ed Website


Welcome to Lodi Unified School District Multilingual Department. Our department consists of English Language Instructional Coaches, and District Bilingual Community Liaisons-Translators/Interpreters. We provide support for district staff, parents, and students in delivering of programs for English Learners in our district.

Jose Maciel, Categorical Program Manager
Sandra Antle, Administrative Secretary - (209) 331-8903
District Community Liaisons:
Lai Dinh, (Vietnamese) - (209) 331-7032
Marbella Chavez, (Spanish) - (209) 331-7439
Mariella Cisneros, (Spanish) - (209) 331-7487


DELAC 2019-20 Schedule

School Readiness & Pre-School

Graphic image

School Readiness Preschool Office
701 Calaveras Street
Lodi, CA  95240

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 4:30PM

Telephone: (209) 331-7252 or (209) 953-8252
Fax:  (209) 331-7319







Department Programs

  •   James O. Linn Children's Center
  •   State Preschool
  •   HUGS Preschool
  •   Rock, Roll Rea
  •   Parents as Teachers



M. Lisa Lopez, Director

Angeline Tabay, Assistant Director

Rachelle Jennings, Administrative Secretary
(209) 331-7252

Maricela Herrera, Typist Clerk
(209) 331-7252

Jessica Mejia, Typist Clerk
(209) 331-7255


(ONGOING) Chinese Language and Culture Initiatives: The College Board has launched the Chinese Language and Culture initiatives to help support the growth of Chinese education in U.S. schools and to build a solid foundation for the AP Chinese program. We offer programs to serve schools, teachers, and students.

(ONGOING) PSAT/NMSQT¨ Scholarships Recognition: Students who take the PSAT/NMSQT may qualify to enter the competitions for prestigious scholarships and participate in recognition programs cosponsored by the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC).   

School Library Technology Makeover Contest (Due Jan. 17): Acer and Intel are accepting nominations for their School Library Technology Makeover Contest, which will award 10 new Acer Aspire Timeline notebook computers, valued at $10,000, and two all-in-one desktop computers to a deserving school library. Applications must complete an online form explaining why they think their school is the best candidate for a makeover. 

Grant Development Workshop Schedule

Grant Development Workshops are held four times a year. If you cannot make the following dates, please contact to make other arrangements.

School Year 2010-2011 and 2011-2012

June 8; Location and time TBA
September 19; Location and time TBA


LUSD will be applying for the CDE After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens program grant.  The program funds after school activities that provide academic, enrichment, and family literacy support for grades 9-12. Bear Creek and McNair high schools will applying for this grant. Award information will be available 7/09. For more information contact LUSD Grant Writer.

Intent to Apply Form




Please submit to or via District mail to:

 Gayle Romasanta, JAESC




POSITION:____________________SCHOOL SITE:______________________


PHONE NUMBER:______________ EMAIL ADDRESS:___________________


Grant name and description of grant requirement, goals, available funding, and activities.




How does this grant align with the District’s mission and goal statements?




What will be the main objectives of the grant proposal and how will the effectiveness of the program be evaluated?



Describe the targeted student population and number of students served.





SITE PRINCIPAL SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________________Date:________

PRINT NAME:____________________________________________________


DISTRICT DIRECT LINE SUPERVISOR SIGNATURE (must be Cabinet Level Administrator if grant is over $5,000): ___________________________________________________Date:_________

PRINT NAME:_____________________________________________________

Office Use Only:

Approved_____Not Approved:_______

DAC Schedule

DAC Schedule

Monday, September 16, 2019 LCAP, JAESC, Boardroom B&C 5:30-6:30 PM

Monday, November 4, 2019 LCAP, JAESC, LINCOLN TECH, 5:30-6:30 PM

Monday, February 3, 2020, LCAP/CARS, JAESC, Boardroom B&C, 5:30-6:30 PM

Monday, April 27, 2020, LCAP, JAESC, LINCOLN TECH, 5:30-6:30 PM