Instructional Media Services

Gabriela Vazquez
IMS Supervisor 

Welcome to Lodi Unified School District Instructional Media Services Department page!  Our  department provides Library Media Support for K-12 sites, Textbook Ordering and Maintenance for K-12 Sites, Circulation of Curriculum Support Materials, Teacher's Workroom, and Williams Act Support. We provide support for district staff and students.

Core Materials

Destiny Quest - IMC Circulation Catalog


The IMS is proud to present our new service for schools.  We will be able to print multi-color poster prints for your school events!  In the past, our poster maker was limited to single colors, and no graphics.  With the introduction of our new poster maker, we'll be able to duplicate any creation in any colors and with any graphics.  The new price list for posters is below, please click on the link below that will take you to a description of our new machine.  The single-color poster machine will continue to be in service until our supplies run out.

     Price List for Color Poster Printer

     Price List for Monochrome Poster Printer

Department Resources