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Business Services Graphic


Leonard Kahn
Chief Business Officer

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Julie Winters
     Administrative Assistant


Mission, Vision and Goals


Lodi Unified School District Business Services is committed to supporting the instruction of students and promote student success by providing the best financial and operational support services.


  • Protecting the District assets
  • To maintain fiscal solvency while making the maximum amount of financial resources available to support instruction
  • Provide financial resources to support the District goals
  • Demonstrate quality customer service
  • Provide the safest transportation system possible for our students
  • Provide instruction with the best tools possible in the shortest amount of time
  • Provide staff and students with a safe and healthy environment which promotes learning and one they will enjoy


  • Provide the best, timely quality, customer service as possible to school sites and departments.
  • Meet the State requirements of fiscal solvency for the current and two subsequent years.
  • Establish the highest nutritional standards that meet exceed requirements for all students.
  • Provide efficient and safe transportation for all students.
  • Meet all fiscal (reporting) requirements and ensure the maximum use of all resources to support student achievement.
  • Accurately account for student attendance to ensure a high level of funding is made available for instruction.

Enrollment Graphs


Enrollment Analysis

*data is refreshed weekly on Fridays


Enrollment Analysis

*data is refreshed weekly on Fridays