Measure L

Measure L provided the District with the funds needed to improve the quality of education in north Stockton schools through new safety systems at existing schools, constructed elementary, middle and high schools, additional classroom and science laboratory space and expanded access to technology, improving athletic facilities, and the purchase or lease of school facilities and sites. 

Measure L Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee


The Measure L Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee is made up seven individuals appointed by the Board of Education. As an independent committee, it is charged with informing the public about Measure L projects, reviewing Measure L expenditures, and developing an annual report to the Board of Education on the progress of projects. 

The Committee meets up to six times a year and its members are eligible to serve no more than three consecutive two-year terms.

The Members of the Committee:

  • Homar Juarez, At-Large
  • Jeff Seybold, PTA Member
  • Lisa Cui, Parent of Lodi USD Student
  • David Mierkey, Business Organization Member
  • Marie-France Thao, Taxpayer

If you would like to join the Oversight Committee, please click on the links below: