M&O Graphic - James F.

Brian Holloway
Director III
(209) 331-7181

Shelie Radotic
Admin Secretary

Areas of Responsibility

Maintenance & Operations is devoted to the principles of excellent customer service.

Our mission is to provide a safe, pleasant, well maintained and attractive school environment that is conducive to learning and education for Students and Staff.

Our goal is to support and maintain sites to help create a sense of pride among all students, parents, staff and the communities we serve.

Please call 209-331-7193 for Dispatch.

Plant Supervisors

Bear Creek
Stephen Martinez
(209) 810-8952

Lodi High
Ramiro Santoyo
(209) 810-8948

Dory Gonzalez
(209) 810-8950

Tokay High
Tony Munoz
(209) 810-8951