Maintenance Request Procedures

The TMA Work Order System is very detailed and easy to use. Please report all facility concerns using a TMA Work Order. The TMA Work Order System, at the M&O website, also includes a training video.

For safety and health emergencies, immediately contact Dispatch 7:00am – 3:30pm (209)331-7193. All after-hour emergency concerns should be reported to Alamo Alarm (209)369-7749. Alamo will notify our “On-Call Supervisor”, who will coordinate a response to your concerns.

General questions may be addressed via email to:

TMA Work Orders are needed for the following requests:

  • Blackboard removals, white board installations
  • Custodial supplies, tool requests
  • Fibar for play boxes
  • Field requests (fill dirt, etc.)
  • Flooring repairs, replacement
  • Grounds supplies, tool/equipment requests
  •  Structural repairs
  • Moving requests
  • Signage
  • Painting, graffiti 
  • Playground equipment repair
  • New padlocks and keys
  • Security screens, etc.
  • Temperature control/after hours HVAC requests

Please provide the work order number for any follow-ups; it is not necessary to re-submit a new request.