For Parents and Guardians

Though the internet can be an excellent place for accessing assignments, conducting research, and furthering education, it is often a realm that can be too vast for student activities. This raises the question:

"How do I ensure that my child is accessing the internet safely and appropriately?"

Lodi Unified School District utilizes the Securly Web Filter to help maintain a safe and effective learning environment for students on their Chromebooks. The Securly Web Filter is designed to give students the ability to browse the web safely while filtering out certain web pages that contain subject matter that is deemed inappropriate for school. Simply put, Securly filters out the bad pages so that only the good pages are accessible to students. Parents should note, however, that due to the vast nature of the Internet, it is impossible to filter out everything. Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about proper internet usage to help suppress the cases that can sometimes slip through the filter. Parents and guardians together with Securly can help ensure that students are browsing the web safely.