Getting Started with your Chromebook

Student Responsibilities

General Device Care

Traveling with Chromebook

Student Best Practices

  • Develop a routine when charging the Chromebook, such as placing your backpack near the Chromebook to prevent forgetting it at home.
  • Store documents and files in Google Drive. If something happens to the Chromebook, documents and files will still be accessible from another device.
  • Notify the teacher as soon as possible if you accidentally delete files from Google Drive. Only files deleted from Google Drive withing the past 25 days can be recovered. Files stored locally on the Chromebook cannot be recovered.
  • Shut down the Chromebook when not in use. Closing the lid does not turn the Chromebook off and will cause the battery to drain faster.
  • Keep the District Google Account password private. Do not write down the password.
  • Be careful when downloading apps, themes, and extensions. These items should be approved by your teachers. Some apps, themes, or extensions may see harmless, but can create problems with other district websites and apps.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the lid of the Chromebook as this will cause the screen to crack.