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Ranee Cunningham
Operations Supervisor

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Operations Supervisor

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Transportation Specialist

Sandy Torris

Transportation Conduct & Policy


Special Education Transportation

Student Transportation Request
All requests must be made through the Special Education department.  Once a request has been made, routing will take 5 to 10 business days. 

Changes in IEP 
We cannot accept email or phone changes to an IEP.  Changes need to be submitted to the Special Education department.  Once received, please allow 5 days for changes to be updated.

All students that have "supervised" marked in their transportation needs, must be met at school and at home.  We will not drop unless student is received.

All students that have "unsupervised" marked in their transportation needs, will be dropped without any supervision and may be designated at the closest "Hub" stop.

School Bus Routes

The Transportation Department does not post our school bus routes, due to the TSA Security Warning. Parents are encouraged to call Transportation or their child's school for bus stop information.



If your child lives outside of this mileage, you may qualify to regular home-to-school bus transportation.  Please call your child's school for the nearest hub bus stop.

Grade vs. Distance

Grade Level Distance (mi)
K - 5 1.5
6 - 8 2.5
9 - 12 3.5