Positive School Climate

                          Aisha Brice                                                                   Program Coordinator                                                      abrice@lodiusd.net                                                            (209) 331-7976

Regina Sahagun
Administrative Assistant
(209) 331-2245

Our department offers support to the Community and District Staff in the following areas:

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
  • Uniform Complaint Procedure (UCP)
  • Williams Uniform Complaint Procedure
  • Title IX


Our mission is to provide Lodi USD with a system of school-wide positive behavior supports that will create a climate of cooperation, academic excellence, and social-emotional competence. Through explicit modeling of behaviors and expectations, students and staff will be responsible, respectful, safe, and will persevere in all academic and social endeavors.


It is our vision to facilitate the effective teaching and learning of positive behavioral expectations. It is our Vision to help each child reach their greatest potential. Through positive behavioral supports, we aspire to teach life skills that enable children to deal confidently with the complex and rapidly changing world.


It is our goal to treat each other with respect, take responsibility for our learning, and strive for a safe and positive school for all.


“The goal of Positive Behavior Support is not 'perfect children.' Rather the goal should be creating the perfect environment for enhancing their growth.”
- Randy Sprick

Updated 08/12/2020