Personnel Services




Mike McKilligan
Assistant Superintendent

Amber Jaeger
Director of Personnel





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James Areida Education Support Center
1305 E. Vine Street
Lodi, CA 95240


We are the employees of the Lodi Unified School District specializing in providing for the personnel needs of our clients.

Our clients include current employees, retired employees, and prospective employees.
Office Hours: 8:00AM – 4:30PM (Monday through Friday).

These are some of the services Personnel provides for Lodi Unified School District:

  • Advertising employment opportunities
  • Receiving and processing employment applications & paperwork
  • Providing fingerprinting services for employees and volunteers
  • Monitoring Credentials, TB authorizations, required licenses, subsequent arrest notifications
  • Administration of collective bargaining agreements
  • Administration of salary schedules and employee compensation
  • Contract negotiations with employee associations
  • Maintenance of personnel files for current and former employees


Did you know?
  • Over 3,100 people employed in Lodi Unified School District
  • Over 28,000 students served in Lodi Unified School District
  • Over 50 different work sites in Lodi Unified School District
  • 350 Square miles in Lodi Unified School District

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