Benefits and Salary Schedules


Health Benefits in the Lodi Unified School District are administered by the Payroll Department.  More information about health benefits is available here.

Salary Schedules

Our salary schedules represent the pay scale for employees in Lodi Unified School District.  Some employees are represented by an employee association which negotiates with the district for wages & benefits as well as other working conditions.  Lodi Unified School District currently has four PERB recognized employee associations including Lodi Education Association (LEA), Lodi Pupil Personnel Association (LPPA), Classified School Employees Association (CSEA), and Lodi Supervisorial Group (LUSG).  Confidential Classified Employees are exempt from association representation and generally serve in specific positions within district operations.  Members of the management team work under the supervision of the Superintendent of Schools, who is directly hired by the Board of Education.

Below are the links to the specific salary schedules: