Classified Employment


Job Title

Brief Description

Typical Work Locations

Paraprofessional Positions (Instructional Assistants)

We seek caring and patient employees to work alongside our teachers to assist  students when they need just a little extra help to grasp that next concept.

School Sites

Technology Services Positions

We seek knowledgeable and highly skilled employees to work in the Technology Services area.  These employees ensure that the district computer systems are operating at peak efficiency for students to experience the most technologically advanced experience.

School Sites

Maintenance & Operations Positions

We seek highly skilled and industrious employees to work in our Maintenance and Operations Department.  These employees maintain our school facilities at a high level so that students may learn without unnecessary distractions.

School Sites

Fiscal Services Positions (Accounting, Budget, & Payroll)

We seek knowledgeable and diligent employees that enjoy working with numbers and have an eye for detail for positions within the fiscal services area.

School Sites

Clerical Positions

We seek clerical employees that can handle the challenges of busy work environments with a smile and a pleasant disposition.  Customer service is important for these employees because they are often the first people with whom our students interact.

School Sites

Nutrition Services Positions

We seek competent and friendly employees that can serve as cafeteria managers and other roles to ensure that our students are provided with safe, healthy, and nutritious food throughout the day.

School Sites & the Central Kitchen

Transportation Services Positions

We seek conscientious and pleasant employees to serve as drivers, attendants, mechanics and other roles in the Transportation Services department to ensure that students are transported safely throughout the day.

School Sites & the Transportation Services Facility