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Dr. Cathy Nichols-Washer has served as the superintendent of Lodi USD for 15 years and is one of the longest serving superintendents in California. When the Lodi USD Board of Education appointed Dr. Nichols-Washer as superintendent in July 2008, she became the first woman superintendent in the District’s history.

Throughout her tenure, Dr. Nichols-Washer has sought to make the District an education destination that “educates students for success.” Under Dr. Nichols-Washer’s leadership, Lodi USD has experienced significant growth and positive change. This has included, but has not been limited to, the increase of student academic achievement each year, development of new career technical education (CTE) courses, implementation of intervention and support services for students, expansion of counseling services, renewed focus on security and safety, implementation of the 1:1 Home to School Connection Initiative that supports students’ access to digital resources, and the creation of the Giving Opportunities to Kids (GOT Kids) Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that benefits students in Lodi USD. 

Dr. Nichols-Washer began her career in the classroom as a teacher in the Manteca Unified School District (MUSD) and shortly after began teaching in Sacramento. Dr. Nichols-Washer received her Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Davis and her teaching credential and master’s degree in Educational Administration from the California State University, Sacramento. In addition, Dr. Nichols-Washer received her Doctorate Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Pacific. Prior to joining Lodi USD, Dr. Nichols-Washer served as the superintendent for MUSD and was the first female superintendent in MUSD history. 

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Updated 08/15/2022