Lodi USD Mobile App

Mobile App

About the App

Lodi USD has a new mobile app! We are making this digital move so that you can be better informed and more connected to what is taking place in Lodi USD and your school site.

The mobile app, which works for both iPhones and Android Smartphones, delivers real-time news to your phone for fast, up-to-date access. With the app you are be able to:

  • Select the schools you want to follow and set up custom alerts
  • Get push notifications about emergencies, events, and more
  • Access grades, assignments, and attendance information 
  • View a calendar of school events and sync information to your mobile phone calendar
  • Contact teachers and staff using the app directories

Lodi USD tiene una nueva aplicación móvil! Estamos realizando este movimiento digital para que pueda estar mejor informado y más conectado con lo que está ocurriendo en Lodi USD y en el sitio de su escuela.

La aplicación móvil, que funciona tanto para iPhones como para teléfonos inteligentes Android, brinda noticias en tiempo real a su teléfono para un acceso rápido y actualizado. Con la aplicación podrás:

  • Recibir las últimas noticias del distrito y de la escuela
  • Seleccionar las escuelas que quiera seguir
  • Recibir notificaciones sobre emergencias, eventos y más
  • Acceder a las calificaciones, asignaciones e información de asistencia y configurar alertas personalizadas
  • Ver un calendario de eventos escolares
  • Ponerse en contacto con los maestros y el personal directamente

How to Download the App

Our mobile app is now live

You can download the new app in a few easy steps:

  • On your smartphone, go to the iTunes App Store® or Google Play®
  • Search for Lodi Unified
  • Select our mobile app for free download
  • Select the schools you wish to follow
  • When prompted with "Lodi USD would like to send you notifications," please select the "allow” button
  • You will then receive push notifications sent from the Blackboard Mass Notification System for the schools you are following via the mobile app
  • Click on the “Peachjar” icon to select the schools you wish to follow
  • Click on the “settings” icon to customize your push notifications and newsfeed 
  • In order to access student info within the mobile app, you must have an Aeries Portal Account
  • Open the mobile app and click on the “student info” button, enter your Aeries Parent Portal ID (email address) as your user name, and click “forgot password”
  • For additional assistance, visit our FAQs section below

Mobile App Features

Activity Stream: A single feed for calendar events, news, notifications, and much more.

Student Info: View important student information like grades, attendance, and balances. You must have a Parent Portal Account already created to view your student information. 

Notifications: Your new home for Lodi USD and school communication. Save to your device and share.


Superintendent Cathy Nichols-Washer: Get to know our Superintendent. You can view her picture, read her bio, and follow her on Twitter. 

Electronic School Board: Stay up-to-date on our upcoming Board of Education meetings. 

Directory: Find our Lodi USD staff members.

Calendar: Stay tuned for our upcoming events and activities. 

Settings: Customize the Lodi USD mobile app to view your schools and feeds. 




Do I have to pay for the app?

No, Lodi USD offers this resource at NO COST to our community. We believe that this valuable tool should be available to all within Lodi USD.

Is this the same as the Aeries Parent Portal?

The LodiUSD mobile app is not the same app as the Aeries Parent Portal. A user who wishes to see their individual student data within the LodiUSD mobile app must have an Aeries Parent Portal account created. The email used to log in to the Aeries Parent Portal is your Lodi USD mobile app username and the password is different.

What are the Differences Between the LodiUSD Mobile App and Aeries Parent Portal?

The Student Info button is where you go to log into the LodiUSD Mobile app. After you log in, the icon is updated to your information and the information of your children. Access each child to view the following information

  • Upcoming assignments
  • Classes
  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Cafeteria balance
  • Library balance

The Aeries Parent Portal has more expanded features that your student's school may display. 

  • Classes
  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Student Financial Information (Fees)
  • Report Card History
  • Backpack / Assignments
  • Transcripts
  • Test scores
  • Authorizations
  • Medical History
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Data Confirmation (Emergency Cards online - at participating schools only)

How do I get push notifications from my student’s school?

You must login to the Lodi USD Mobile app.  See How do Parents Login to the Student Info Icon FAQ.

How do Parents login to the Student Info icon?


Click on the Student Info icon 

Login ID – Type the email address you use when logging into the Aeries Parent Portal, they are the same email address.  Each parent/guardian must have their own unique email address on file at their student's school – if you don’t have an Aeries Parent Portal account, see How do I get an Aeries Parent Portal account FAQ

PasswordFirst time you login, click on the Forgot Password? link. 

The Lodi USD Mobile App and Aeries Parent Portal do not share passwords only Parent Login IDs

How do I get an Aeries Parent Portal Account?

Aeries Parent Portal Accounts are only for Parents and Guardians with legal rights to access student information. 

  • Contact your student’s school
  • Provide the school with valid email address(es) - Each parent/guardian must have their own unique email address on file

After the school updates your contact information, will receive an email from AeriesAdmin@lodiusd.net confirming your account has been created.  The email will contain your Aeries Parent Portal Login Name and password.

Approximately 24 hours after you receive the Aeries Parent Portal email confirmation your Mobile App login will be active.  The Aeries Parent Portal and the Lodi USD Mobile App do not share passwords, only login IDs.  To learn how to login in to the Lodi USD Mobile App, see How do I login to the Mobile App FAQ.

How do I change my settings (password, delivery preferences)?

Set account changes

To manage an account from the app, select the icon with your name.

The Account Info will display the numbers the school has in your file, your email addresses, home addresses, spouse, and kids. From here you can change your password, and edit delivery settings to each type of contact information.

Your Account Settings - PDF

Change Your Password

  1. To change a password, from the Account Info, select Change Password.
  2. Type your Current password (for security purposes).
    If unsure of the correct username and/or password, contact the school and they will be able to provide that information.
  3. Type and confirm a new password.
  4. Select Save new password when finished.

Change Your Delivery Preferences

Update where you want to receive your messages for each type of notification.

  1. Select Edit Delivery Settings to display the Delivery Settings window.
  2. Set delivery preferences for each type of message (Emergency, Attendance, Balance, Survey, and/or Other), by selecting the following icons:
  • Mobile app notification
  • Text/SMS number
  • Phone number
  • Email address

For each message topic and each device, select the green icon to turn off the notification, or select a gray icon to turn on the notification.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our mobile app, please contact Chelsea Vongehr via email at cvongehr@lodiusd.net