Random Acts of Kindness

Our Kindness Campaign winners had an exciting experience with Joey Travolta and Inclusion Films as they turned their ideas for simple acts of kindness into short films.

Joey Travolta introduced the Kindness Campaign on CBS channel 31/Direct TV & Xfinity channel 12 during the months of November and December 2018. 

Campaign Kickoff
The Making of the Acts of Kindness videos
Live interviews with Joey Travolta and Lodi High School student Abby Kermgard

Link to Video

Kindness Campaign Winners

Morada Middle School

Kindness video about fun surprises around campus.

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Lakewood and Larson
Elementary Schools

Kindness video about friendships and older students helping young students.

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John Muir Elementary
Bear Creek and McNair High Schools

Kindness video about supporting the homeless.

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