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Lodi Unified School District


Supporting student transfers within school districts is essential for fostering educational equity and flexibility.

Student transfers are facilitated by Child Welfare and Attendance. Transfer types are shown below. For more information on student transfers, please call the school or Child Welfare and Attendance office at (209) 331-7055

Transfer Types

What is the difference between inter-district and intra-district transers?

Inter-District Transfers (IDA)

An inter-district transfer is the transfer of a student from outside Lodi USD boundaries into a Lodi USD school. 

Intra-District Transfers

An intra-district transfer is a transfer between schools within Lodi USD. 

Apply for Inter-District Attendance (IDA)

To apply for an inter-district transfer, please fill out and submit an Inter-District Attendance Transfer Agreement.

The window for submitting Inter-District Attendance (IDA) Transfer Agreements is from February 1st to April 1st

Please fill out an application below and submit via email to

Inter-District Attendance Transfer Agreement PDF (English)

Inter-District Attendance Transfer Agreement PDF (Spanish)

Applications with incomplete information or missing supporting documents will not be accepted. Please do not submit applications outside the application window. 

For full policy, please see Board Policy 5117 - Inter-District Attendance.

Intra-District Transfers

A student already attending a school in the district may request an open enrollment agreement to attend another school in the district outside their attendance area. Parents and guardians may obtain open enrollment applications from their school. 

Limitations apply. For full policy, please see Board Policy 5116.1 - Intra-District Open Enrollment.

Open Enrollment Window

The intra-district open enrollment window for the 2023-24 school year has expired.

Some schools may still accept transfer applications past the due date on a special circumstance basis (as determined by school administration). Please contact the school site for availability. 

Intra-District Appeals

If you do not agree with the transfer request decision, you may appeal the denial.

To protect your appeal rights, you must follow the instructions described in the Open Enrollment/Intra-District Appeal Form. If you do not respond by the required timeline (10 days after receipt of denial notice) or fail to submit the required appeal information with your appeal request, your appeal will not be considered.

The decision of the Child Welfare & Attendance Coordinator regarding any appealed intra-district transfer application shall be final and binding.

Open Enrollment/Intra-District Appeal Form PDF (English)

Open Enrollment/Intra-District Appeal Form PDF (Spanish)

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For more information on the content of this page, please call Child Welfare & Attendance (CWA) at (209) 331-7055

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