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Lodi Unified School District

Chromebook Care Plan

Chromebook Care Plan is offered as an optional coverage plan to help families with repair costs of district-issued Chromebooks.

Chromebook Care Plan coverage details, rules, and exclusions are shown in the topics below.

What is Chromebook Care Plan?

$25 per duration.

Discounts available on subsequent durations for devices kept in good condition.

Device incident coverage.

Plan covers accidents, theft,  natural disasters, and more!

Be set for the whole year.

Coverage lasts the duration of the current school year. 

Save with repair deductibles.

First repair or replacement covered under the plan is free. Subsequent repairs available at a reduced cost.

Purchase Chromebook Care Plan

Chromebook Care Plan can be purchased with card (online only), cash, or check.

Credit or Debit Card

Chromebook Care Plan may be purchased online via the Library Resource Payment Center.

Buy Chromebook Care Plan Online 

Cash or Check

Please submit the Chromebook Care Plan Election Form with cash or check to your child's school.

Chromebook Care Plan Election Form PDF (English)

Repair Costs

Chromebook repair fees for the current school year are shown below.

Repair Description Price*
Keyboard/Mouse Replacement $50
Casing/Housing Replacement  $80
Screen Replacement $75
Power Adapter Replacement $30
Chromebook Full Replacement $225
Touch Chromebook Full Replacement  $310

*Prices are subject to change.

Care Plan Duration

Coverage begins the first day of a given school year to the beginning of the following school year based on the board adopted school year calendar. For graduating seniors and non-returning students, the coverage duration ends on the last day of school.

Coverage plans purchased at any time between those dates will be terminated at the beginning of the next school year based on the board adopted school year calendar.

Students who are issued devices at the beginning of the regular school year may obtain coverage until the end of the 3rd week of school based on the board adopted calendar without having the device inspected. To obtain coverage after this period requires the device and charger to be inspected by site designated staff or a LUSD Technology Department staff member. If devices are not issued during the first 2 weeks of school, the grace period may be extended at the discretion of the site administration for up to 3 weeks after device distribution.

Coverage Details


  • Accidental damage, drops, liquid spills, and submersion
  • Theft, burglary, and robbery (official police report required)
  • Vandalism (requires school administrator incident report)
  • Fire, flood, or other natural disaster
  • Power surge
  • Mechanical failure or defect

Not Covered

  • Loss of Device
  • Loss or damage to accessories
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Dishonest and/or intentional acts
  • Tampering and unauthorized attempts to repair device


Coverage costs $25 per duration (see above) minus any prior year incentives (see below). Minimum of $10 after applied incentives. Policies purchased mid-year will not be prorated.

Refunds will not be given. If a student drops from the school and returns later in the school year, the care plan will still be in effect until the expiration date of the original policy.


Deductibles for repairs or replacements are shown in the Repair Deductibles table below. 

After 4 repairs or replacements, the policy is void for the remainder of the duration and the parent or guardian is responsible for all damages to the device.

Repair Deductibles

Occurrence Deductible
1st covered repair or incident $0.00
2nd covered repair or incident $10.00
3rd covered repair or incident $20.00
4th covered repair or incident $30.00


Students who file no repair claims and maintain their device in good condition for the year will receive a discount on the next duration of coverage.

The discount increases by $5 each subsequent year up to 3 years as long as no repair claims are submitted and the device is kept in good condition. Devices are reviewed yearly by site staff to determine the condition of the device.

Discounts only apply to students who have purchased coverage during the previous duration. 

Yearly Incentives

Years Device Kept in Good Condition Discount
1 year without repair, maintaining good condition $5 off next duration
2 years without repair, maintaining good condition $10 off next duration
3 years without repair, maintaining good condition $15 off next duration and subsequent years

Parent Duties in the Event of Loss or Damage

Report loss or damage to school staff as soon as possible. Notify the local police if the loss is due to theft, burglary, robbery, or vandalism and provide the official police report to the school.

Fraud, Concealment, and Misrepresentation

Coverage may be denied if the student willfully defrauds, conceals, and/or misrepresents any material information about the cause of damage or loss of the device.

Settlement Options

Lodi USD will pay for the cost of repair of the insured device to include parts and labor. If the device cannot be repaired, an equivalent replacement of Lodi USD's choosing will be provided. If a replacement device is provided, this coverage will transfer to the replacement device for the duration of the policy. 

Policy Portability

Coverage is applied to the student. Any replacement Chromebooks that become assigned to the student are covered by the student’s Chromebook Care Plan.

If a student leaves the district, the device must be returned to their school before leaving. Care plan coverage does not transfer outside of Lodi USD. If the student transfers back to Lodi USD before the end of the school year, the coverage will remain in effect until the end of the duration.

Unauthorized Device Modification

District barcodes are not to be removed and must be visible at all times. If barcodes are missing, the student must bring the device to their school for a new barcode. Personal markings and/or defacing a district device of any kind is prohibited. The device covers may contain stickers and/or drawings within acceptability of the school district policy.

Hacking Devices

Tampering or hacking of any district device is prohibited. Performing this action may result in loss of stored work and/or device functionality. If device does not function, student must return device to the school and obtain a replacement. Use of district device to attack other systems is prohibited. The source of the intrusion will be disabled. 

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