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Lodi Unified School District

Special Education Support Services

Support services for the complex and varying needs of all students.

Student Support Services resources are available below. For assistance, please contact Student Support Services at  (209) 331-7080.

Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)

For information on Special Education Local Plan Area, please see SELPA

Special Education

Lodi USD Special Education strives to ensure effective education and success for students with disabilities who are eligible for special education and related services. Special education is available for eligible children and youth from birth to age 22. 

For more information on special education services, contact your school or Special Education at (209) 331-7080.

Infant and Preschool

For more information on infant and preschool services, please call (209) 331-7366 or visit the School Readiness & Preschool website.

Adaptive Physical Education

The Adapted Physical Education (APE) program evaluate a student's needs and, if eligible, work with the IEP team to develop a specially designed physical education service that is designed to help the student achieve state physical education standards and to make progress in fine and large motor activities, life-long physical health, and recreational skills.

Program Specialists

Program Specialists provide assistance and support to special education teachers and parents to ensure that students with disabilities are placed in effective programs and classes.  Program Specialists have advanced training and experience.  They help in problem-solving and in securing the necessary resources to implement students' IEPs.  Each Program Specialist is assigned to specific schools and program areas. 

Young Adult Programs

Lodi USD offers special education services to eligible students with disabilities until the year in which they turn 22 if the student has not graduated with a regular high school diploma. Several programs and classes are available in Lodi and Stockton and provide classroom and community based experiences and instruction.

Teachers on Special Assignment

Teachers on special assignment provide specially designed instruction and consultation to other educational staff and to parents in the areas of: autism, behavior, evaluation and eligibility, IEP development, and community and continuation schools

Visual Impairment Education

Lodi USD offers several types of special education programs and services to students with visual impairments, both for those students who are blind or those student who have low vision and are eligible under state law. The services include instruction in either a Resource Room or in an itinerant situation. Braille, large print media, special equipment and materials are provided as required by each student. Orientation and mobility services are also provided at the school and in the community.


Student Support Services

Health Services

Lodi USD Health Services provides a variety of health-related programs to students, promoting health and safety at school through various activities, including conducting health screenings and assessments, managing acute and chronic health conditions, performing health education and training, offering community-wide vaccination clinics, and monitoring communicable diseases and immunization programs in collaboration with the San Joaquin County Public Health Department.

School nurses collaborate with families, physicians, counselors, psychologists, and other members of the school team annually to advocate for children and enrich their learning.

For Health Services, please call (209) 331-7075.

Mental Health Services

For Mental Health Services, please call (209) 331-7131.

Psychological Services

For Psychological Services, please call (209) 331-7085.


Assembly Bill 1466

Assembly Bill 1466 was signed into law on October 8, 2023. This law seeks to increase transparency by allowing members of the public easy access to information relevant to the control of student behavior in school environments. Under AB 1466, all local educational agencies are required to post on their websites the same data related to restraint and seclusion that they are currently required to share with the California Department of Education (CDE).

Restraint and Seclusion Incident Count 2022-23

Restraint and Seclusion Occurrences

Incident Number of Incident Occurrences Number of Students Subjected
Mechanical Restraint 0 0
Physical Restraint 142 51
Seclusion 0 0

Contact Us

For more information on the content on this page, please contact Student Support Services at (209) 331-7061.