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Lodi Unified School District


Lodi USD is dedicated to ensuring the safe transportation of students to and from school.

For transportation questions, parents are encouraged to call their school or the Transportation department at (209) 331-7170.

For bus conduct policy, please see Board Policy 5131.1 - Bus Conduct.

Transportation Safety Plan

Lodi USD Transportation Safety Plan

Education Code 39831.3 directs county superintendents, school district superintendents, and private school owners providing transportation to create a "transportation safety plan." This plan, which aims to ensure safe pupil transport, is to be regularly updated when required and be made available upon request to an officer of California Highway Patrol. The current Lodi USD Transportation Safety Plan is available below.

Lodi USD Transportation Safety Plan PDF (English)

Transportation of Students with Disabilities Parent Handbook PDF (English)

Bus Pass Application

Parents must read the Transportation Safety Plan and fill out the ZPASS Bus Application. Parents or guardians will sign and date the bus pass application acknowledging they have read the Transportation Safety Plan and School Bus Safety Tips. Students must qualify for school bus transportation. The ZPASS system allows parents to know the location and time their students get on and off the bus.

Transportation Bus Pass Application (Informed K-12)

Special Education Transportation

Student transportation requests for special education students must be made through the Special Education department. Routing typically takes 5 to 10 business days once a request has been approved.

For more information, please call Special Education at (209) 331-7080.

Transportation cannot accept email or phone changes to IEPs. Changes are required to be submitted to Special Education and typically take up to 5 days to update.

All students that have supervised marked in their transportation needs must be met at school and at home. Transportation will not drop off unless student is received.

Students that have unsupervised marked in their transportation needs will be dropped off without any supervision and may be designated at the closest hub stop.

School Bus Routes

Due to security warnings from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Lodi USD does not publicly post school bus routes. Parents are encouraged to call Transportation at (209) 331-7170 or their child's school for bus stop information.

Become a School Bus Driver

Pay begins at $20.95 per hour (guaranteed 8 hours). Receive paid behind-the-wheel training as well as weekends and holidays off. Apply online through EdJoin today!

Lodi USD School Bus Driver Application (

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